Behind the design- Illann's Reversible Gilet

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Illann's fully reversible gilet is not a standard gilet or jacket, it has evolved over the years and this refinement means it's only getting better with age. So we thought we would point out the key features which make this garment great. 

  • Fitted with a fully reversible zip, these gilets are designed so they are totally reversible with the label neatly placed in the one of the pockets so no worries about the label being on show.
  • The gilet has 4 pockets, 2 on each side so you have inside and outside pockets all are lined so the knit is not damaged by their contents.
  • The zip design has been developed through the years, our newest styles have the Illann name on them. So when someone ask you where you get this from you can simply look down and know.
  • To make sure the fit is great, we have developed an elastic waist band in our newest gilets which maintains the shape of your gilet, fitting perfectly from one day to the next.
  • The double layer of 2ply cashmere means that it keeps you extra warm, but also you get two colourways making the piece very versatile in your wardrobe. Depending on your chosen gilet, you can make a statement or keep it toned down.
  • The little detail of the alcantara suede trim gives the gilet the smart edge enabling it to be worn as a layer or jacket. The introduction of the option of the black trim edge instead of the brown changes the feel of the gilet making it sleeker and even smarter.
So whether you are in the country or about town, our fully reversible gilet is destined to become your favorite garment.

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