Moths Vs Our Clothes

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Recently at the fairs leading up to Christmas we have found that moths and the damage they cause have become a topic of conversation with customers. So Illann has some pointers to try to keep your garments safe and moth hole free:

Why is it happening?

Due to the mild winters and warmer summers we have been having, moths are becoming more of a problem within our wardrobes. The Higher temperatures increase their reproductive speed allowing more egg laying cycles in a year, making wardrobe invasions more likely. The problem is moths love to lay their eggs in natural, high in protein fibres such as wool, cashmere and silk. They hatch out as larvae which eat their way through  our favourite garments creating holes.

How to keep your clothes safe?

To deal with moths, make sure you keep your garment in a zip-locked moth bag. We supply each garment in a moth-proof bag to try to make sure that your cashmere will stay at its best for the longest possible time.

To make doubly sure, if you believe you have an infestation, wash your garment and then freeze for a least week or two to kill any larvae, then put away in the zip lock bag. If you do have a serious issue with moths, it may be time to get pest control in to deal with the problem.

Lavender bags are effective as moths hate the smell! Try placing bags of dried lavender in your wardrobe and drawers to keep moths away, refreshing regularly so the scent is still has the desired effect.

Simply keeping your cloths clean is also important, as any food stains will attract moths. Equally keeping your house clean, vacuuming floors to get rid of larvae and cleaning down old furniture which may be harbouring the moths will play a part.

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