Gift Wrapping


At Illann, we understand the joy of giving and receiving fabulous gifts.

We will wrap the item in soft white tissue paper, and pop it into one of our beautiful presentation boxes.

You can add a personal message, which we will display on a discreet card, placed inside the box.

If you choose to send the gift directly to the recipient, we will not include the invoice or payment details with the gift. We will send these to you directly.

Please note one gift wrap per item ordered.

Hand washing is the best way to clean most cashmere garments, although dry cleaning may be necessary to remove stains that hand washing cannot remove.

Hand washing instructions:
  1. The garment should be soaked in lukewarm water.
  2. Using a specialist cashmere wash, gently squeeze the suds through the garment.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, being careful not to wring or rub the garment; as this may damage or misshape the item.
  4. Prior to drying, excess water in the garment can be removed by rolling the garment in a dry towel, or putting the item on a short light spin cycle in a washing machine. Never tumble dry your cashmere garment.
  5. To dry, place the item flat on a towel, out of direct heat or sunlight.
  6. If necessary, reshape the garment whilst still damp.

*Never tumble dry your cashmere garment.