About Illann

The Illann brand began as a result of our passion for quality of cashmere. We noticed that garments made of substandard lower quality cashmere just do not last. We therefore spent time sourcing the highest quality yarns for our garments, meaning our products look better for longer. Illann means striving towards success, giving a feeling of not being ordinary and creating balance. We keep these core ideas in mind when designing and producing our quality garments. 

Our yarns are made from the longest, thinnest fibres from Inner Mongolia, where the world's finest cashmere fibre is sourced. The Mongolian climate is harsh and unforgiving; to withstand the environment the cashmere goats have a fleece of thick long hairs and an undercoat of fine hairs. The down is maintained by being combed each spring, removing dirt, grease and unwanted long hairs. Each goat produces three or four ounces of cashmere, enough for a third to a half a jumper. This is in contrast to a sheep which delivers three to four sweaters. Our cashmere fibres are naturally more expensive, but result in a garment that 'pills’ less and holds its shape for many years.

Cashmere is by nature a delicate yarn and pilling is a natural side effect of this. We recommend our pilling comb to keep yours in beautiful condition. All of our cashmere garments come with a special storage bag, essential for keeping your favourite pieces clean and protected from moths.

Our London based team of designers, who have worked with many of the world’s most established fashion houses in London, Paris, New York and Milan, have used their cumulative experience and creative flair to bring you the Illann collections. Although originating in rural Shropshire, we have now relocated to Birmingham's creative Jewellery Quarter.  Our products reflect our love of the countryside combined with an urban edge.

The majority of our pieces have subtle differences to make them stand out from the crowd. Some pieces are completely new designs whilst others are modern classics. On trend colours have been combined with classic heathered shades to bring you a fabulous choice for this season. 

Whether it be for Christmas parties, country weekends or Après ski, we hope you will find an Illann garment to suit you.